Public Safety Tools You Need to Know

Law enforcers have stopped relying on traditional techniques of the public. This is owed to the evolution of technology which has allowed digital technologies to infiltrate all sectors. Business, legal, education and so on. Today, the police are spoilt of choices when it comes to the tools they can use for public safety.

Some of the technologies used include dashboard cameras, gunshot detectors, and body cameras. All these technologies work together to keep the public safe.

Body cameras

As the name suggests, these cameras are attached to the officers’ uniform. The goal is to capture a police encounter. They take both video and audio records. How do they protect the public? Citizens are protected from violent officers and also ensures justice in events where the public is wrongly accused of assaulting the officers.

Gunshot detectors

Gunshot detection is a massive investment in public safety. Gun crime being on the rise, it is only imperative that the law enforcers go the extra mile to protect the citizens from such. How do they work? They use a network of digital microphones installed along the streets, buildings and other public places. For instance, detectors have been installed in a hotel, security agencies can be able to get noise signals through specific network covering a particular area, but they sometimes need to use a hotel VPN to do this effectively.

The technologies are available from several vendors. However, not all public places and businesses are able to invest in this. This is mostly due to the cost implication. This technology has proved to be effective and also have significantly reduced gun incidents.

Dashboard cameras

The dashboard cameras work just like the body cameras do. The difference is, however, that they are mounted on the dashboard of a vehicle. They can be used both on police cars and those of the public too. Their primary role is to increase transparency between the law enforcers and the public. The cameras are able to capture car chases and any other event happening within the area covered by the camera. 

Again they are there to monitor the conduct of the police and ensure that they do their job, which is to protect the public.

 You must be wondering where all the captured information goes. There is cloud storage; the data is automatically saved in the cloud. This also acts as an extra layer of protection as the data is also protected from theft and manipulation. Due to the scalability of cloud storage, law enforcement departments are able to store tons of data. These technologies have not yet been embraced by all law enforcers. However, governments are making efforts to invest in them as they see their effectiveness and the need to protect their people.